What is Barefoot Park?

It's our vision for a relaxed, family-friendly countryside environment where visitors will be able to enjoy a peaceful day enjoying nature. With activities such as pond-dipping and den building for young and old, hands-on activities demonstrating our effects on our environment and ways to reduce our impact, and informative displays with practical information and advice, there will be something for visitors of all ages. Our vision is underpinned by a concern that the UK society is increasingly one of "us" and "them" - things need to be done, why isn't someone doing them? A culture of personal responsibility for such obvious environmental factors as litter and energy consumption is vital. This isn't David Cameron's "Big Society", this is common sense.

Right now, this is just a vision. We are Mike and Alexandra, two ordinary people with a love of nature and a desire to learn. We need your help to support our project: everything from significant backing of corporate sponsors and environmental groups to messages of support and encouragement. This website will be our shop-window - through it, you'll be able to see our plans develop.

So check back regularly, and follow us on Twitter: @barefootparkuk and our blog at barefootpark.wordpress.com.

Our Themes

  • Nature
  • The Environment
  • Sustainable Living
  • Responsibility

Our key themes are nature, the environment, sustainable living and personal responsibility. Come and visit us to explore these themes in more detail, but in the meantime please browse the resources on this website which explain our philosophy, aims and what to expect at Barefoot Park as well as providing loads of links to other useful material you can find on the internet.

Barefoot Park is a place to breath, a place to learn, a place to slow down.

Mike and Alexandra