We Need Your Help

At the moment, all Barefoot Park consists of is dreams and a website. Two things that come pretty cheap. You've read about our vision and themes, you've seen the plan, you'll be wondering how you can help. Right?

Here, very simply, is a list of ways we can think of in which people can help:

    Email us
  • Contact us and tell us what you think! Moral support or suggestions of what we can do better are always very much appreciated.
  • Sign up to volunteer. We will need people to help up create and operate the park, eager hands always welcome.
  • We desperately need to find our land. We need somewhere where we can hope to get planning permission, somewhere rural. Somewhere which doesn't need major terraforming would be nice. Somewhere with utilities installed would also save time.
  • Telephone us on 07534 801585
  • Donations of equipment, materials or even cash would be very helpful. Simple things such as hand tools (forks/spades, trowels, buckets, you get the idea) or more ambitious contraptions (got a mini digger you don't need?). Useful wood. You get the picture.
  • The park will need "stuff" to see and do. Have you any skills to contribute in making displays? Constructing ingenious contraptions to entertain and inform the visitors? If so, we need you!
  • We hope that Corporate Sponsors will add their resources to our park. Not just cash for advertising, but support for specific areas of the park or specific display units focusing on their area of business. Oil? Transport? Food production? Construction? Every sector of business has an environmental impact, we'd like to give businesses the opportunity to inform visitors about their positive contributions to the environment.